I'm proud to announce my latest project "Monumental - America's Finest Lands" 

On April 26th, 2017, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that calls for a review of any national monument created since Jan. 1, 1996, that spans at least 100,000 acres.

There are 27 monuments on the White house's list of review. Perhaps the most threatened monuments are Grand Staircase Escalante (created in 1996 under Bill Clinton) and Bear Ears (created in 2016 under Barack Obama).

The Project

Monumental is a photographic attempt to raise awareness of America's public lands.

There is no question that American's are hard working people. Generations of immigrants have poured blood, sweat, and tears into making this country what it is.

Hard work must be followed by reflection and relaxation in order to create a meaningful life though. Without public lands, the people of the U.S. are missing out on an integral part of the American Dream.

The Monumental project was designed with a goal of documenting the vary lands that America is contemplating selling off to big industry for exploitation. 

The project will be a collection of fine art landscape photographs and video shorts designed to spotlight America's finest landscapes in hopes of educating people on the importance of public lands and the role that they play in our nation.

Call To Action

There are many ways to stand up for our national monuments. Please Visit the Get Involved page on to find out how you can make a difference in protecting America's lands.

Help stop the Anti Muslim Movement

There is are nation wide anti Muslim marches schedules for June 10th. We must mobilize and make it clear that this sort of racism will not be tolerated.

Click here for information and a list of protest.

A Day Without Immigrants on May 1st

May 1st is known throughout the world as International Workers’ Day. The day was the result of the struggle to have an 8-hour workday and it started here in the US. It is a day where the working class show who has the power in society. In 2006, it was the immigrants, largely Latinos, who gave the tradition new life in the US.

On May 1st, we will not go to work, school, shop, bank, or purchase online! We will show the power of our labor and our dollar in order to reject discrimination and hate laws.

We will RISE UP, STAND UP, RESIST, PROTEST, and DEFEAT Trump's program to build a wall and deport over 3 million immigrants & refugees!

- No ban, no wall
- Stop the ICE raids and deportations
- Defend ALL immigrants regardless of status 
- Stand up against racism, sexism, xenophobia, and bigotry
- Stop the attacks on Mexico
- Stop the attacks on Muslims, people of color, women, LGBTQ, workers, and the poor
- Defend our unions
- NO to U.S war and intervention abroad
- NO to environmental destruction
- Defend public education

Facebook Link

People's Climate March April 29th

On the 100th Day of the Trump Administration, we will be in the streets of Washington D.C. to show the world and our leaders that we will resist attacks on our people, our communities and our planet.

We will come together from across the United States to strengthen our movement. We will demonstrate our power and resistance at the gates of the White House. We will bring our solutions to the climate crisis, the problems that affect our communities and the threats to peace to our leaders in Congress to demand action.

Learn More

March For Science on April 22nd

The March for Science is the first step of a global movement to defend the vital role science plays in our health, safety, economies, and governments.

The March for Science champions robustly funded and publicly communicated science as a pillar of human freedom and prosperity. We unite as a diverse, nonpartisan group to call for science that upholds the common good and for political leaders and policy makers to enact evidence based policies in the public interest.  

The March for Science is a celebration of science.  It's not only about scientists and politicians; it is about the very real role that science plays in each of our lives and the need to respect and encourage research that gives us insight into the world.  

Nevertheless, the march has generated a great deal of conversation around whether or not scientists should involve themselves in politics. In the face of an alarming trend toward discrediting scientific consensus and restricting scientific discovery, we might ask instead: can we afford not to speak out in its defense? 

There is no Planet B. Join the #MarchForScience. 


4/4/17 - April 15th Nation wide Tax March 

The Tax March isn't an organization – it's a movement – gaining momentum around the country. Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump told the American people he would release his tax returns and come clean about his business dealings, as presidential candidates and presidents have done for decades. Despite intense public pressure, President Donald Trump has not yet done so. In refusing to release these tax returns, he is able to hide his business dealings, financial ties, and conflicts of interest.

Within days of his inauguration, the White House petition calling on Trump to release his tax returns garnered the most signatures on a White House petition, ever. The Trump administration's response? "People don't care."

On April 15th, we’re marching on Washington, D.C., and in communities across the country to show that we do care. And that we’re not going away. Tens of thousands of Americans will send a clear message to Donald Trump: The president is accountable to the American people, and he must answer to us.

Learn More at

4/3/17 - #DearDonald

The latest addition to A Sign of the Times is here!

Check out the #DearDonald page in the gallery and find out how you can get involved in keeping the resistance movement rolling along.

3/1/17 - Standing Rock March on Washington to take place on March 10th.

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and Indigenous grassroots leaders call on our allies across the United States and around the world to peacefully March on Washington DC. We ask that you rise in solidarity with the Indigenous peoples of the world whose rights protect Unci Maka (Grandmother Earth) for the future generations of all.

Standing Rock and Native Nations will lead a march in prayer and action in Washington D.C. on March 10th 2017.

For those who cannot march with us, we ask that you take peaceful action at home in your tribal nations, states, cities, towns, villages and provinces. Find out More

2/23/16 - The remaining water protectors were today. Please donate to help them get home.

The last of the Standing Rock water protectors were evacuated from camp today. Many of these people need help getting home. The following message was sent to me by Grandma Patrica, a wonderful woman whom I met at the Oceti Sakowin Camp. (You can see a photo of her in the Standing Rock Gallery

Today law enforcement has invaded camps. You can see live streamed on Oceti Sakowin Camp or Buzz Feed News.

I belong to a Women's Society and we are involved in continuing to evacuate people.  Raising funds for bus tickets, gas cards and lodging. & other emergency needs.

Please share my post on Facebook. Even if everyone gives a dollar it will help.  Melanie Stoneman heads the Society.  Her Paypal is [email protected] 

Please help to get word out. Blessings.  Many have been here since beginning protesting for our water.  They deserve to be returned home or go to next protest camp.

2/21/17 Tell congress what you think. Find a Town-hall or action near you!

This is where we create resistance at the local level. Join us at local protests and Town Halls in 2017 to make your voice heard. Resist, every day and every inch of the way. Together, we will Save Democracy for future generations of Americans. Thank you.

2/9/17 Yesterday the Army Corps of Engineers granted the final permit needed for the Dakota Access Pipeline. Find an action near you and get involved.

Help us fill every single day of this calendar with a #NoDAPL action! Wherever you are, take action to kill the black snake.


1/27/17 Three Upcoming Events in SF

Silence is Violence Protest, January 28th - Noon

555 California St, San Francisco, CA 94104-1501, United States

Tell Feinstein: No More Trump Nominations! None!, January 29th - 3pm

2470 Lyon St, San Francisco, CA 94123-4612, United States

SF United Against Trump February 4th - 1:30

The Women's Building - 3543 18th St, San Francisco, California 94110

1/27/17 - Global Prayer Action for Standing Rock Saturday on January 28th. 

Join us on January 28th to carry the prayer from Standing Rock to the steps of Banks around the World funding harmful Oil Extraction. We Unite in Global Prayer Action to elevate the consciousness of the financial institutions and governments, asking that they make the choice to invest in clean renewable energy, the future of our planet, and the protection and rights of all people. Visit Official Live Stream Page

1/12/17 - List Of January 15th "Writers Resist' Worldwide Events 

Writers resist is hosting over 90 events across the country on January 15th.  Click here to find one near you.

Writers Resist is a national network of writers driven to defend the ideals of a free, just and compassionate democratic society. The movement rapidly coalesced after poet, Erin Belieu, posted on Facebook, "We will not give in to despair. We will come together and actively help make the world we want to live in. We are bowed, but we are not broken."

Belieu's call for writers to organize local events on Martin Luther King Day, January 15, 2017, has already resulted in more than seventy-five events throughout the US and around the world including a flagship New York City event co-sponsored by PEN America and additional events in Boston, Los Angeles, Oakland, Austin, Portland, Omaha, Seattle, London, Zurich, Hong Kong.

1/10/17 - Nationwide Stand Up For Health Care Demonstrations

Last week Senator Bernie Sanders called for a nationwide demonstration against the incoming administration's attack on the Affordable Care Act. The demonstrations will be taking place all over the country on January 15th. has compiled a list of these events and put them in one conveniant place. Find one near you and get involved!

View the List

Jan. 7th - Planned Parenthood Pink Out Event In Sacramento On Jan 17th.

The moment has come to raise our voices against those threatening to close Planned Parenthood's health centers' doors, with your help we won‘t let that happen. Pink Out Day on January 17th will be a chance for you and our Planned Parenthood supporters throughout the state to converge at the Capitol to show our solidarity.

We will look to the elected leaders of California to stand with us in early opposition to incoming attacks on reproductive health from the Trump Administration and beyond.

Find out more

Jan. 6th - Upcoming Events In DC

Want to stand and demand equality for all? Consider going to the Not My President March and Women's March on Jan 20th and 21st. 

J20 Build And Resist Climate Convergence - Jan 18th

Peace Ball - Jan 19th

Not My President March - Jan 20th

Women's March - Jan 21st

Dec. 29th - Thank you for making the ASOTT Kickstarter a success!

Yesterday we reached our kickstarter goal with a few hours to spare! Thank you to everyone who has made this project possible. If you missed out on your chance to contribute to the campaign and would like to a claim reward ASOTT will be honoring donation made through Pay Pal, Venmo, and Check while supplies last.

To view the rewards visit the kickstarter page.

To make a donation send ASOTT an email at [email protected] stating what prize you would like and how much you'd like to donate.

Thanks again!

Dec 28th - Last day to contribute to the ASOTT Kickstarter

The A sign of the Times Kickstarter Campaign ends today. Please donate whatever you're comfortable with and help make this project an even bigger success than it already is. Time is running out though so DONATE NOW. If you donate $100 or more you'll receive a beautiful 11x14 print from or the ASOTT body of work.

Dec 28th - New Video

Watch and share the new inspirational video that was added to the ASOTT media library today.

Dec. 18th - Unite For America calls for people to gather at their state capitals.

Unite for America is a post-partisan movement of concerned citizens and volunteers, united against the unprecedented threat of an unqualified candidate taking our nation's highest office. They are urging people to gather at their state's capital in order to encourage electoral voters to switch their vote from president elect Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton. Find out more at the Unite for America website.

Find out about an event near you.

Dec. 17th - New Standing Rock Video posted

Watch the new video: "Standing Rock - The Fight is not Over" in the media section

Dec. 16th - Donate to help families under attack by their own government in Aleppo.

Families fleeing war-ravaged Aleppo desperately need emergency aid. Give now to help provide them with assistance for essential items, including food, water and blankets. Your tax-deductible gift will also provide refugees and vulnerable families in more than 40 countries and in 29 U.S. cities with lifesaving and life-changing support. Donate Here

Dec. 16th - ASOTT on WMUA radio

Listen to the ASOTT Standing Rock interview with Mike Wardynski on WMUA radio out of Massachusetts.

Listen Here.

Dec. 10th - Today is human rights day

Human Rights Day is observed every year on 10 December. It commemorates the day on which, in 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In 1950, the Assembly passed resolution 423 (V), inviting all States and interested organizations to observe 10 December of each year as Human Rights Day.

This year, Human Rights Day calls on everyone to stand up for someone's rights! Disrespect for basic human rights continues to be wide-spread in all parts of the globe. Extremist movements subject people to horrific violence. Messages of intolerance and hatred prey on our fears. Humane values are under attack.

We must reaffirm our common humanity. Wherever we are, we can make a real difference. In the street, in school, at work, in public transport; in the voting booth, on social media.

The time for this is now. “We the peoples” can take a stand for rights. And together, we can take a stand for more humanity.

It starts with each of us. Step forward and defend the rights of a refugee or migrant, a person with disabilities, an LGBT person, a woman, a child, indigenous peoples, a minority group, or anyone else at risk of discrimination or violence.

-Text from

Dec. 9th - Standing Rock update (Fight from home for now)

The Army Corps of Engineers denied Energy Transfer Partners the necessary permits to complete the the Dakota Access Pipeline on December 4th which was great news, but the Standing Rock Sioux tribe has announced that they are not going anywhere until they can walk up to the drill pad and see that all of the equipment has been removed. The Standing Rock tribe has asked that no new water protectors come to camp at this time however. The camp was pounded by snow, heavy winds, and extremely cold temperatures this past week presenting very serious safety risk for those who were not adequately prepared. The tribe has said that people who wish to help are a better resource at home where they will have plenty of internet access and ample power. If you were planning on making a trip to Standing Rock please refrain from doing so at this time. You money is better spent making donations to the tribe at this time. Please see the get involved tab at the top of the page for information on donating to Standing Rock.

Dec 2nd - Divest from banks that are funding the DAPL

The strongest thing you can do to fight the Dakota Access Pipeline is to take away their money. Close your accounts and put your money in a credit union. While Wells Fargo and Citi Bank are the largest contributors to the pipeline but there are 38 institutions involved in the dirty deal.  Find out which banks are funding the pipeline here. If you would like a recommendation for a credit union that does business across the country check out Consumers Credit Union based out of Indiana. They have an opportunity to make up to 4% back each month too. 


Find and event near you and show that you stand with Standing Rock.


Nov 29th - The ASOTT Kickstarter is live as of now!

The Kickstarter campaign has officially launched today! Thank you to everyone who has already contributed to the cause! It's great to see this much excitement for such a rewarding and meaningful campaign. We've hit nearly 10% in the first day! We still have a long way to go though so please continue to share and contribute. There are some beautiful prints up for grabs as rewards!

November 24th - Happy Thanksgiving

On this Thanksgiving please take a moment out of you day to pray for the brave Native Americans and water protectors at Standing Rock.

November 23rd

Welcome to the new "A Sign of the Times" Website. Be sure to check back for updates often and follow the ASOTT Facebook and Instagram pages located in the top right corner of the homepage. 

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