A Sign of the times. Divest march asott. Mike Wardynski photographer, photography,

A pool of water reflects mirror images of water protectors before the Divest March in San Francisco

"Peaceful Protest"


People stand in solidarity as they think of the Oceti Sakowin camp in North Dakota.

"Water March" 

Water protectors peacefully walk from bank to bank as they close their accounts and move their money to credit unions.

"Walk Lightly on the Back of Mother Earth" 

"We will not be silenced"


A water protector proudly holds a banner during the march


"Peace Song" 

People sing chants and songs to show their intentions

A group of divestors who successfully closed their  accounts at Bank of America

"Street chant" 


A group of people chant and sing patiently as they wait for members of the group to close their bank accounts 

"Don't Look Away"

A protester tries to discourage a pedestrian to close here Bank of America account.  

"Signs in the Street" 

"Water Dance" 

A little girl dances to a Native American chant not fully aware of the consequences of the actions that our government takes or or hasn't taken in this this case.

"Plan of Action" 

A divest leader tells a group of divestors to go ahead of the march in order to close their account before the bank locks it's doors when the group arrives.

"We Stand with Standing Rock"

"Wake Up" 

Rafael Gonzalez is the senior founding member of Xochipilli Latino Men's Circle. He holds a banner that was made at the time of the Occupy Wall Street movement which he says has been at every major  rally, march, and demonstration since. Its central image is the Universal Earth/Justice/Peace flag flanked with the words Despierta (Spanish) on one side and Awake (English) on the other side, an injunction to wake up.

"Divesting from Chase Bank"

A small group of divestors are allowed inside of Chase to close their accounts.

"Divest Applause" 

A young lady applauds a fellow water protector who just closed her account.  

"Water Drop Leaf"

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