Electoral Vote - Sacramento California

On December 19th nearly 1,000 people gathered in front of the the California state capitol to encourage the electoral college to vote against president elect Donald Trump. The effort was part of a nation wide demonstration that took place at all fifty state capitols. The goal was to encourage at least 37 voters to stray away from Trump. If the denomination would have succeeded the house of representatives would have been in charge of electing America's 45th president. Many demonstrators knew the odds were stacked against them but a drive to send a powerful message to the incoming administration brought out the numbers anyway.

"Merry Christmas America"

The holiday season was not enough to keep these peaceful protestors home. Many heartfelt topics were discussed over the course of the rally. .

"We Deserve a President..."

Chants filled the air as frustrated citizens expressed their feelings.  

SF Bay area citizen Paul Raffanelli explained that he made his way to the state capitol because activism is a civic duty.

"You can't sit idly at home and think you're fighting fascism that way." says Raffanelli. 

A brother and sister hug after they finish speaking to the crowd at the open mic portion of the event.

Casey and Rickie are fourteen and eight. Each child delivered an inspirational speech that left the audience in amazement.

Talking about the incoming administration Cassey says "I'm kind of astounded that so few people are rising up, because they should realize that these people are going to wreck their lives and their home. We need to stand up for each other, not just ourselves. Even if things aren't going so badly for you, think about how things are going for others. We have to work together if we're ever going to solve some of the problems that this world has. If we stand separately we're going to be shut down. We need to stand together to support the world that we want. The world that we need."

"People know that racism is wrong, but they feel it anyway -- they need something or someone to blame for what's not good in their life, so they just say, oh, let's blame the people who look different from us or who are different from us."

"We're turning a blind eye to the people who are destroying the government and the political process -- like what happened in North Carolina, where as soon as a Democratic governor got in power, the opposing party stripped them of many powers and then basically said that as soon as someone from their party gets elected, they'll give them back. These things are just happening, and people are just going on with life like nothing changed."

Casey's little sister Rickie say's that she is interested in the 2016 election because she has brown friends and she's afraid of might happen to Muslims and other brown people under a Trump presidency. She also expressed deep concerns about the global warming stating that it needs to be stopped.

"I Want You"

Gina Ortiz stands on the front steps of the capitol building holding a sign that asks electors to vote their conscience.  

Kelly and Nancy came to the capitol to stand up against dishonesty and bigotry. They say that Trump is selling out our country and claim that he is an embarrassment.

Jessie Svoboda is a UCLA student who found herself in Sacramento for the holidays. When she heard of the electoral college demonstration she  knew she had to show her support.

"Send it to the House"

Demonstrators knew it was unlikely that the vote would go to the House of Representatives but the protest speaks volumes to what the next president is up against.

"Not Normal"

It is obvious that many people feel shocked about a Donald Trump presidency. Multiple signs had slogans questioning the normalcy of the 2016 election.


Karen Crum expresses her concern over the irony of the electoral college.

"Silence is not an option."

A demonstrator marches around the California state capitol building with hundreds of others. 

"Do the will of the People" 

A woman hold a small sign with big message.

This is Gene Hols from Berkeley. She was participating in the first rally of her life. She explained that she just had to do something in response to Donald Trump.

"Defend Democracy"

A number of signs included hashtags. These tags are used to link people to their community.

"Defend our Democracy" 

Colleen Harford went to the demonstration knowing the vote had little chance of coming out in her favor but she showed up anyway because she is concerned about women's, religious and gay rights.

"Remember what we are fighting for" 

An American flag is held as a backdrop reminding people that we are all Americans and unity is key to overcoming the challenges of the next presidency. 

"You can be Heros"

A demonstrator holds a sign with an image of Alexander Hamilton who famously stated:

"The office of president will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications."

"ACLU Pride"

A demonstrator holds a gay pride flag in front of the capitol.

"A Message to Electors"

"A Message to Electors "

A speaker asks the crowd, "What are you gonna do? Stand up, fight back"

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