The March for Science SF

Earth day was on April 22nd and it was no coincidence that The March for Science took place on the same day. According to NASA 97% or more of scientist agree that climate change exist and that humans are impacting it, yet many politicians on the right refuse to listen to the science. Why? Because it is inconvenient for them. Trump would rather turn his back on facts in order to justify his agenda of dirty energy that will continue to cause our planet to warm. If this were not enough, Trump has also placed many scientific and environmental programs on the chopping block in order to increase spending on a military that is already larger than the next seven militaries underneath the United States. 

Over 15,000 people gathered in the nation's capitol on Saturday with thousands more gathering at sister marches across the globe. The March for Science took place in 600 cities on six continents. The crowds were filled with a diverse array of scientists, doctors, teachers, environmentalist, and concerned citizens. Although the message was serious there were many witty signs that only a march full of nerdy activist could come up with. Common themes included "There is no planet B", "Science, not Silence", and many different plays on "Alternative Facts".

The San Francisco march consisted of an hour and a half of talks. Amongst others, speakers included a former member of the EPA, the Former U.S. Chief Data Scientist under Obama, and Adam Savage the creator and host of Mythbusters. After the lectures thousands of people marched down Market street to City Hall where a science fair featured more discussions, live music, food, and exhibits.

We must understand that the actions that we take today will affect our children and the generations to come. It is selfish to gamble with their future.

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