Werk for Peace threw a huge gay block party in front of Mike Pence's house! 1-18-17

Homophobia has no place in our government. To demonstrate that a dance party was thrown to honor gay rights in front of Mike Pence's house. Check out the highlights!

Electoral College Demonstration in Sacramento CA.  12/19/16

This is not a political video. This is a video that begins the healing process of our country. Until we see equality we will see suffering. Please watch and share.

Standing Rock - The fight is not over 12/14/16

There is a misconception that the struggle at Standing Rock is over since the Army Corps of Engineers denied Energy Transfer Partners the required permits to finish the Dakota Access pipeline. Although the announcement was seen as a great victory, the Oceti Sakowin camp has said that they will not be going anywhere until they are allowed to walk to the drill pad and see that all work has stopped. Energy Transfer Partners released a statement claiming that they have every intention of completing the project. This video shows the beautiful community that has vowed to protect the water through the harsh North Dakota winter.

If the video fails to load properly on vimeo click here to watch on You Tube

San Francisco Divest March Slideshow 11/30/16


ASOTT of WHUS Radio Jan. 17th

Listen to the Jan 17th WHUS interview with photographer and ASOTT founder Mike Wardynski.

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ASOTT on WMUA radio

Click here to listen to the December  WMUA interview with photographer and  founder Mike Wardynski

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