"Nasty Women Rise Up" 

A female protester in San Francisco holds up a sign in response to a remark that president elect Donald Trump made about Hillary Clinton while she was talking about strengthening Social Security.

"Never Again" 

The daughter of World War II internment camp prisoners marches to prevent history from repeating itself.

"Not This Time" 

A peaceful demonstrator holds a sign vowing to stand up for Muslim rights. 

"No hate in our State"

 Sadness, and anger are common emotions amongst protesters determined to make change. 

"Peaceful March"

 Protesters in San Francisco standing up against white supremacy.

"First Amendment" 

A protester boastfully practices her right to free speech.

"Rise Up" 

Protesters fueled up by horn honks of encouragement. 

"Electoral College" 

A weathered sign rest against a tree at an anti Trump rally. The dripping ink is a poetic resemblance to the out of date system that is the Electoral College.

"We are Diverse"

"My Community does not Deserve Fear"

"Act Now" 

A joyful protester encourages others to get involved.

"It's Reigning Bigots!" 

An emotional protester holds a sign high in the San Francisco rain.


Protesters hold their fists up in solidarity vowing to fight for the right of all Americans.

"Bus Rider" 

A young man watches San Francisco protesters from his bus seat.

"2017 not 1969" 

A demonstrator holds a sign displaying her disgust for politics that seem to be moving backwards  rather than forward.

"Reject White Supremacy" 

A joyful protester viewed from an enthusiastic car of bystanders.

"Lock Him Up" 

A protester mocks Donald Trump because he once claimed that would lock Hillary Clinton up if he won the election.

"San Francisco March"

"No to Big Oil" 

"United We Stand"

"Stand up for what you believe"

"Dogs Against Trump"

"All are Created Equal" 

A Palestinian flag flies high reminding bystanders that this country was founded on immigrants.

"In the Name of Humanity"

"Marchers on Market Street"

"Shout out for Your Rights"

"Wake Up"

"Note to Electors" 

A woman asks electors to vote in Hillary Clinton who won the popular vote in the general election.

"Truth Trumps Hate"

"White Silence is White Consent"

"Money for war, but can't Feed the Poor"

"Dump Trump"


Bystanders watch anti Trump march from within clothing store.

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