A Sign of the Times is a photographic look into the uncertain political atmosphere of the US with a goal of raising awareness and money for key issues including climate change, Standing Rock, racial injustice, women's rights, health care, LGBT rights, environmental protection, and more.

About the photographer

My name is Mike Wardynski and I'm a professional landscape photographer based in Oakland California. I teach photography to people from all over the world. Through my interactions I have learned that although we come from different backgrounds, people want more or less the same things out of life. We strive for happiness, comfort, and the well being for those close to us. It is because of this simple truth that I can no longer look away from the extreme injustices that are occurring within the United States today. I'm armed with a camera and I have vowed to bring awareness to the most vital issues facing our society today. Over the course of the coming months I will be traveling across the country to document what happens when Americans stand up for the good of all humanity and the environment.

Call to action

The purpose of "A Sign of the Times" is to get people involved. A revolution only works when people are actively striving for change. That is where you come in! There are many ways to make positive change in your life and the lives of others. First of all, make sure you vote in every election including mid term and local elections. A revolution starts from the ground up. Next, you can summon change by donating to causes that you care about. There are many organizations out there fighting on behalf of society and the planet and a few bucks a month goes a long ways when millions of people get involved. If you're in a position where you cannot donate money, you can donate your time. Volunteering a few hours per week is an excellent way to get involved with your community and make change. There are no shortages of organizations who need a few extra hands to get the job done.

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