Washington DC - Inauguration Week & Women's March 

On January 20th 2017 Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States which put the country on a very different course. Hundreds of thousands of supporters poured into the street to celebrate his victory on inauguration day although the crowd was a fraction of the size that President Obama drew in 2008 and 2012. 

Even more troubling for the new president was the fact that the Women's March on Washington which was slated just one day later surpassed his crowd numbers by a long shot. Some crowd scientist suggest that the march drew two to three times as many people as the inauguration did with estimates nearing 500,00 participants in DC and nearly five million participants worldwide.

The march was designed to send a powerful message to the new administration. A message of solidarity amongst all races, religions, sexualites, and genders. Although the future of the the next four years in the United States is uncertain, there is one thing that is certain. Donald Trump lost the popular vote nearly 2.9 million votes and millions of people have begun to join grassroots movements across the country. Click the "Get Involved" tab at the top of the page to find out how you can get involved too.

"Thank You for Letting be Myself Again" 

The inauguration was bitter sweet for many Americans. Tori references Sly and the Family Stone's, "Thank you for letting me be mice elf again" as she says goodbye to President Obama.

"Make America Great, No Muslim Registry"

Kieran McLean traveled to DC from Pennsylvania. While visiting museums noticed the video screens displaying the words “Make America Great Again”, while the choir could be heard warming up for the ceremonies that would take place later on in the week. The sight compelled McLean to make a sign and dedicate six to eight hours each day protesting the inauguration events.

When asked what he wanted to say to Republicans he responded. “I’m sorry to some degree that you were in the position that you were in” Continuing on he said, “ I care about you, I care about your futures and your jobs, and your retirement… But I think this was the wrong way to go and I think we can to do better in the future, we need to do better”

"Police Force"

Thousands of police officers stand in a row guarding the parade route that Donald Trump traveled from the capitol to the White House after his inauguration.

"Trump Inauguration Fence"

Trump’s promise to “Make America great again” is posted on fence near at the inauguration site. Many protestors saw the slogan as hollow and superficial.

"Meet a Muslim"

Muslims gathered on street corners during the morning of Trump's inauguration holding signs that read, "Meet A Muslim" These young men and women took to the streets with a message that Muslims are equally as American as anyone else who lives in this country.

"Gay Block Party at Mike Pence's"

On January 18th a "Queer dance party was thrown  in front of Mike Pence's House" by Werk for Peace and Disruptj20. Here two gay men pose for a photo in front of Mike Pence's neighbor, who explained that he did not appreciate a queer dance party in his neighborhood.

"Angry American" 

A look of disgust is frozen on an old man after having words with a nearby Trump protester on inauguration day.

"Constant Vigilance"

"We the People"

A man holds up Shepard Fairy's "Are Greater Than Fear" poster during Donald Trump's inaugural parade. The posters were printed by the Amplifier Foundation who started a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of raising $60,000 in order to print and distribute posters as well as run a full page ad featuring Fairy's art in the Washington Post.

The Kickstarter campaign became the most successful crowd-funding project in history raising over 1.3 million dollars. The extra money will be given away as grant money for organizations that are fighting for positive change.

"Standing Against Fear"

A man wears an American Flag Hijab in show of support to Muslim Women. The idea was inspired by Shepard Fairy's "Are Greater than Fear" poster.

"Stop Telling Women how to Act".

"My Life Matters"

Donald Trump has nominated Jeff Sessions as the attorney general. With a reputation of being tough on crime African Americans may find themselves as the target of racial discrimination in the justice system.

"Inauguration Day Blues"

Emotions ran high in DC as Donald Trump took office. Katy Kemp contemplates the next four years of life in an America, which will look vastly different from the Obama years.

"Liar, Impeach"

Trump protesters do not believe that they are being told the truth by their new president. 

A demonstrator has climbed up for a better view of Trump's parade in hopes that the new president will see his sign. 

Crowds packed the streets of over 600 towns and cities across the country on January 21st, just one day after Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States. Crowd experts and political scientist estimate that over 4.2 million people took part in the marches nationwide with Washington DC hosting 500,000 people or about 200,000 more than Trumps inauguration crowd. 

"This Ain't the Andy Griffith Show" 

A Trump protester expresses her concern of race issues that will result from the incoming administration.

"Shout it from the Trees"

A marcher climbed a tree to get a better view from above the heavy crowd.

Some American's say they are Christian but then speak hateful or discriminatory words. This woman's sign reminds us that we are all in this thing together. We are all Americans and we all deserve a fair chance to make a decent living in this country.

"A message from Graham"

While talking to people at Donald Trumps inaugural parade protest I recognized a face in the crowd. I filmed Grahm speaking in Sacramento on December 18th at the Electoral College protest. He was in DC for the women’s march and to protest the inauguration of Donald Trump. I asked him to write a message to the new president and this is what he came up with.


A young woman rests her head on her mother’s shoulder as she watches the video screen at the Women's March..

"Marching with a Bike" 

Props to this man who was attempting to navigate the march with his bicycle held above his head.

"Looking Back" 

A man looks back at a seemingly endless crowd of people at the Women's March in DC.

The crowd  at the march was peaceful and full of hope. A handful of right wing religious extremist also made their way to the march and although there were no altercations there were some very heated conversations.

"Love Over Fear" 

Young marchers laugh at what appears to be a victim of a religious cult. A group of about eight march protestors held signs spewing religious phrases of fear. Some marchers had a good time interacting with these people.

"Make America Gay Again"

This man was a breath of fresh air as he stood near some of the march protesters who claimed the crowd was going to hell.

"We the People Wait in Line"


A man intensely focused on the Women's March video screen, seemingly unaware of his surroundings.

"Photos from Above"

A man photographs the march from the roof of an office building.

"Trying to get a View" 

A woman holds onto the barred windows of a nearby building to get a better view.

Daniel Portis-Cathers founder of whiteonrace.org poses with his wife Cynthia on the Whitehouse lawn. They traveled from Portland Oregon to take part in the Women's March. 

"A Message to Trump"

"You can't Hide climate Change" 

Just a few hours after the new president took office the climate change and LGBT sections were taken down.

"The Same Shit my Grandmother Protested"

Women of all ages showed up for the march. Many of them had marched in the 60's to gain the right to vote. There was a genuine fear that the Trump administration will try to overturn Roe VS Wade as well.

"Standing on the Corner of a Revolution" 

The Women's March crowd was difficult if not impossible to navigate. This woman climbed a cross walk sign to get a view above the crowd.

"Keep Your Politics Out"

"Crowded White House Lawn"

As the march drew to a close, thousands gathered on the White House Lawn to let their new president know that he will be held accountable for his actions.

"Love Everyone"

When asked what message she wanted to get out the world, Sarah Lee Guthrie came up with this sign.

"This Land is your Land"

Sarah Lee Guthrie is the Grand Daughter of the late, great, American Folk singer Woody Guthrie. Sarah performed "This Land Is Your Land" as a crowd of marchers gathered around to sing along to the iconic American folk song.

"Forward out of Darkness"

Although many marchers were deeply disturbed by the inauguration, they proved that they are resilient and will do whatever they can to overcome what many consider to be the dark days of Donald Trump.

"Trump's Biggest Fear" 

We are all Americans in this country. Our sex, race, religion, and sexuality does not change this fact. We will continue to see problems in the US until society comes to terms with this truth.

"I'm here for My Patients"

"A Sign of the Times"

Thousands of signs were left on the White House Lawn after the march as a powerful message to the new president.

"What would Lincoln Think?" 

A protester holds an image of Abraham Lincoln, one of the most highly regarded Republican Presidents. What would the man who fought so hard to end slavery think of a man who has a history of racist remarks and actions?

"Our Minds, our Bodies, Our Power"


Some DC residents got creative with their goodbyes to President Obama and his family. This was one of my favorites.

"This Country will Miss You"

When asked to write a message to Barack Obama, this woman could not resist leaving a little note for Donald Trump too.

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